Wet & DryWet & Dry

Available in sandpaper sheets

  • For surface smoothing

  • Flexible and long lasting

  • Use wet and dry to achieve a finer finish

  • Suitable for hand sanding


Wet & Dry is ideal for removing fine scratches and creating a satin smooth finish on paint and metal.

Constructed from premium grade aluminium oxide grains, Wet & Dry is self-sharpening, which provides a consistent scratch pattern and is suitable for both wet and dry sanding - ideal for finer sanding and finishing on metal and painted surfaces

Wet & Dry features a durable and waterproof latex backing paper, which aids in finer sanding and finishing, as well as prolonging the life of the product.


Use dry to gently remove surface material and reduce the appearance of scratches. Use with clean water to wet sand surfaces for a satin gloss finish.

Due to Wet & Dry anti-clogging technology and self-sharpening aluminium oxide abrasive grain, any grade of Wet & Dry can be used on:




Wet & Dry is available in

Wet & Dry grits

To find out which grit/grade is best for your project, see our reference chart for guidance.

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