Available in sandpaper sheets and rolls

  • For contoured surfaces

  • Flexible cloth backing

  • Produces detailed surface smoothing and finishing

  • Suitable for hand sanding

Superflex has a super flexible, yet durable cloth backing and can be used to sand contoured surfaces and crevices, such as stair spindles and fittings.

Constructed from premium grade aluminium oxide grains, Superflex is self-sharpening and anti-clogging, which provides a consistent scratch pattern for greater surface removal, faster sanding and better results.

ASuperflex varnishpplications

Superflex features a durable J-weight backing cloth for extra flexibility and is perfect for contour sanding. It can also be easily and neatly torn into workable strips for detailed sanding.

Due to Superflex anti-clogging technology and self-sharpening aluminium oxide abrasive grain, any grade of Superflex can be used on:

  • WOOD

This range is ideal for woodworkers, decorators and those working on renovation projects. Superflex removes the frustration of sanding contoured or intricate surfaces that are often hard-to-reach or laborious to sand.


Superflex is available in

Superflex grits

To find out which grit/grade is best for your project, see our reference chart for guidance.

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