Oakey Between Coats Sandpaper Video for a Professional Finish

Discover the ultimate solution for achieving professional, smooth finishes with the Oakey Between Coats Range! Whether working on woodworking or plastering projects, Oakey Between Coats is designed to help you achieve a flawless surface finish when sanding in-between coats of paint or varnish.

With its impressive features, Between Coats is the go-to choice for removing surface imperfections and producing a perfect finish. It is suitable for both hand and machine sanding, providing versatility and convenience. Crafted from premium-grade aluminium oxide grains and a lightweight B-weight backing paper, Between Coats offers self-sharpening capabilities and is resistant to clogging, ensuring consistent performance and superior results.

Oakey Between Coats is a must-have sandpaper product for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, ideal for the fine finishing of plaster, wood, and coated surfaces. Its wide-ranging applications make it perfect for woodworking, plastering, and sanding varnished and painted surfaces. 

Eliminate the smallest imperfections like brush lines without worrying about clogging or tearing. Oakey Between Coats' anti-clogging technology and self-sharpening aluminium oxide abrasive grain ensure you always achieve the best possible finish.

Ready to experience the power of Oakey Between Coats Sandpaper? Discover its superior sanding capabilities today! Between Coats is available through reputable DIY and Builder's merchants near you. 


If you are struggling to find your nearest stockist, then you can contact our Customer Service Team for further support.

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