Flexible Finishing Pads

Finishing Pads

Flexible finishing pads are flexible and are suitable for use on a range of materials. Each pad is long lasting and reusable, as they can be washed after each use.

Available in coarse, medium and fine, flexible finishing pads are ideal for smaller jobs, such as sanding and preparing stair parts, mouldings and even copper piping. See the full range.

  • Long-lasting thanks to being washable and reusable
  • Flexible design making them ideal for contour and flat sanding
  • Use wet and dry to achieve a finer finish
  • Ideal for small scale sanding jobs


Suitable for use on

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plaster
  • Paint


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Size L x W x T (mm)


Pack Qty

Article No.

123  x 98  x 12 Coarse 5 66623305883
123  x 98  x 12 Medium 5 66623305882
123  x 98  x 12 Fine 5 66623305881