63642558593_IMG_01_Oakey Dual-Grit Sponge Fine Coarse

Dual-Grit Flexible Sanding Sponges


Dual-grit flexible sanding sponges are flexible, yet durable and are suitable for use on a range of materials. Each sponge is long lasting and reusable, as they can be  washed after each use. Dual-grit flexible sanding sponges each come with two different grits - one side consists of a coarser grit, whereas the other side has a finer grit. The dual grits minimise switching between products and helps you achieve the desired surface finish with ease. See the full range.

  • Long-lasting thanks to being washable and reusable
  • Flexible, yet durable sponge making them ideal for contour and flat sanding
  • A choice of two different grits on each sponge, helps minimise switching between products when sanding
  • Ideal for large and small scale sanding jobs



Suitable for use on

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Varnish
  • Paint


Where To Buy

L x W x T (mm)
Grit Pack Quantity Article No.
100 x 68 x 25 Coarse/Very Coarse 1 63642558595
100 x 68 x 25 Fine/Coarse 1 63642558593
100 x 68 x 25 Coarse/Very Coarse 4 66261151452
100 x 68 x 25 Fine/Coarse 4 66261151449